Life-Trac Family Ministries

Life-Trac Family Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to helping people reach God's best in their family relationships. Located in North Central Washington, Life-Trac has helped hundreds of people turn their dreams of a joyful family life into reality.

Since 1983, Life-Trac Family Ministries has offered workshops, seminars and retreats for teens, engaged couples, newlyweds, blended families and married couples of all ages.

Cloud-Townsend Resources

Based out of Irvine, CA, Henry Cloud and John Townsend, speakers, psychologists and radio broadcast hosts of New Life Live!  offer many resources including: coaching, workshops, books, audio downloads, and more, on a broad range of topics such as individual growth; dating, marriage and family issues; leadership development; coaching training and development; and counselor training.

Focus on the Family

A Christian organization that offers multiple resources to individuals, couples and families including books, magazines, radio and audio broadcasts, etc. This organization was founded in 1977 by psychologist James Dobson and is based in Colorado Springs, CO.

The Father's Heart Ministry

The Father's Heart Ministry provides intensive Christian counseling by Jerry and Denise Basel, a husband and wife team, to individuals and couples seeking personal, marital, relational, emotional and spiritual healing. Ministry is provided in a retreat-like setting north of Atlanta in the North Georgia mountains for time periods as little as two hours to as long as five days.

The Bargers worked for The Father's Heart Ministry from 1996-1999 prior to the Basels transitioning to the retreat model for ministry.

Christian Healing MINISTRies

Founded in 1980 by Francis and Judith MacNutt, Christian Healing Ministries is a Christ-centered, ecumenical and non-profit organization based in Jacksonville, FL that is dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer. Their website offers a variety of information and resources including: prayer ministry opportunities, training and events information/calendar, online bookstore, relevant articles and much more.

Ministries of Pastoral Care

Formerly known as Leanne Payne Ministries, Ministries of Pastoral Care is a teaching and healing ministry dedicated to imparting a biblical understanding of persons and how we grow into Christian maturity. After years of study and writing, the ministry was formed by Leanne Payne (1932-2015) in 1982 and reincorporated as MPC in 2008. MPC resources include: training schools, newsletters, blogs, books and audio downloads.