Strength of Life Counseling Services was founded out of a passion to serve our clients by providing biblical principles in overcoming life's challenges.

Oftentimes, an individual's strength for life can be drained due to personal or relational struggles. They may begin to develop symptoms that disrupt their day-to-day functioning and relationships. A person who is struggling to this degree has either lost a sense of themselves, or possibly has never had a significant understanding of who God created them to be. In other words, they have lost their true identity and therefore are not experiencing the strength of their life as God intended it. We believe that for them to properly understand themselves and experience an optimal life requires a relationship with God, and knowledge of who they are in His eyes.

We are available to meet you where you are at, and to take you from the valley of weeping to strength.

Due to their own wrong choices, wrongs done to them, pain due to events or situations occurring in their lives, or simply....When we acknowledge our limits and powerlessness to manage it on our own and reach out for help, we then can receive.